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Requires Android
5.0 and up

Aug 19, 2023

4.2 / 5.0

Welcome to the new generation of perfume advisor ! It’s not that simple to choose the right fragrance for you or your loved ones. Tired of spending hours in stores looking for the right perfume? PERFUMIST was made to help you find the perfect match in just a few clicks !

PERFUMIST is the number one mobile app designed to rank a selection of the perfumes you are most likely to love with an ever-growing database of nearly 40k perfumes from over 1500 different brands.
We aim to gather information on every perfumes in the world, from extremely rare niche brands to major bestsellers.

Anywhere, anytime, PERFUMIST is the perfect tool to help you discover the right perfumes. It gives you the ability to :

  • Browse our perfume database of nearly 40k perfumes and see their olfactory description.
  • Create your own olfactory profile and discover a bespoke selection of fragrances.
  • Search by notes, brands, new products or barcodes.
  • Add perfumes to your lists : Favorite / I like / I dislike / Gift / To try / Other lists.
  • Discover perfumes recommendations with similar scents
  • Filter suggestions to the assortment of a store.
  • Share your favorite perfumes with your community and friends.

Using PERFUMIST you join the largest community of perfume enthusiasts in the world! You can browse your friends profile or follow people around the world.

We believe that everybody should have access to the best possible information when it comes to choosing or trying new perfumes.
We believe scent should be the main reason for choosing a perfume.
We also aim to educate consumers by bringing them the best perfumes standards.

Bring more people to perfumes and more perfumes to people .

We are passionate people on a mission.
We are 100% independent and cross-cultural.
We do not belong to any brand or retailer.
We do not sell but only give impartial advice.

PERFUMIST is made for and by the users.
If you have any comments or possible improvement, please write to us by mail via PERFUMIST app under CONTACT US.
For professional inquiries :